Short Summary

Full body mole mapping is the gold standard method of assessing moles across the entire skin surface. The Canfield IntelliStudio is a fully integrated system providing the highest resolution of automated total body mapping and dermoscopic (magnified) assessment of moles. Essential for those who have had significant sun exposure, have lots of moles, have lived in sunny places or have had moles removed in the past. Full body mole mapping includes a Consultant Dermatologist consultation, full body mole mapping with the Canfield IntelliStudio automated device, and same day delivery of the mole mapping report.

Key Information

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£495 new patient; £395 follow-up
If consult covered by insurance - £295 new patient; £195 follow up
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40 minutes
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Full Body
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Annually (shorter intervals where required)

Additional Information

What are the benefits of FULL BODY MOLE MAPPING?
  • To assess moles to determine if there is any suspicion of skin cancer
  • 360 degree assessment of all moles to determine if new or changing
  • Permanent record of moles
  • Consultant Dermatologist consultation
  • Machine based artificial intelligence to compare with previous visits and to note change
  • Magnified assessment (dermoscopy) of moles
  • One stop assessment for those with lots of moles

A Consultant Dermatologist consultation is combined with full body mole mapping using the Canfield IntelliStudio device. All moles are assessed, photographed and mapped, including dermoscopy (magnification) for additional detail. Further follow-up is arranged to perform direct comparisons using artificial intelligence to determine change in existing moles or development of new moles which may be of suspicion. In some instances, a diagnostic biopsy (mole removal) will be recommended for a mole thought to be suspicious of skin cancer.

What complementary treatments are available?

In some instances, mole removal will be recommended and our internationally renowned Consultant Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists can remove the lesion and provide the best aesthetic result. Full skin care assessment and recommendations can be made to help improve sun damaged and dry skin, including SPF sun protection. The Observ skin scanner provides an objective measure of the deeper layers of the skin to help diagnose issues such as rosacea, sun damage, dehydration and more. In order to support and hydrate the skin, regular Hydrafacials provide an immediate and maintained improvement in skin health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?

Prior to arrival at Montrose

Remove any make up which may obscure assessment
Wear loose fitting clothing which can be removed for the assessment.

On arrival at Montrose

Consultant Dermatologist assessment will be performed in conjunction with automated full body mole mapping assisted by a dermatology nurse. The Consultant Dermatologist will interpret the images, advise appropriate next steps at the time of the consultation, and provide a full written report.


The outcome of the consultation and a full printed report will be available on the same day. Further mole mapping, assessment, or diagnostic biopsies (mole removal) will be recommended at the same time. Annual mole mapping is recommended as a minimum.