Short Summary

Lymphatism® is a non-invasive machine used to stimulate lymphatic circulation of the abdomen and legs. This helps to decrease appearance of cellulite, relax muscles and decrease swelling.

Key Information

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From £150
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From 30 minutes
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No downtime
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Abdomen and legs
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Once per week

Additional Information

What are the benefits of LYMPHASTIM®?
  • Decrease appearance of cellulite
  • Relax muscles 
  • Decrease swelling
How does LYMPHASTIM® work?

Lymphastim® gently massages using pneumatic compression delivered through a trouser like device that is fitted to your body.

What complementary treatments are available?

Lymphastim can be used with almost all other treatments, but is particularly beneficial for those undergoing cellulite reduction treatments such as Emtone or weight and toning treatments such as Emsculpt Neo. Lymphastim can also be used in conjunction with many other treatments with the specific aim of draining the lymph system while another treatment is applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the post treatment advice?

No downtime or restrictions post treatment

What are the risks?
  • None
What can I expect?

Prior to arrival at Montrose

No preparation is required prior to your visit. 

On arrival at Montrose

Following an initial consultation with an aesthetician and a review of your medical history, your therapist will offer you a pair of disposable leggings and show you how to wear the device like trousers and adjust the straps to your body for a snug fit. You will feel the pneumatic compressions, similar to a blood pressure cuff, which will feel tight for a few seconds per area as it inflates and deflates. You will be positioned comfortably on a treatment bed. 


Results can be felt immediately and are best achieved with a course of 6 treatments over several weeks. Maintenance treatments produce long-lasting results.

Complementary treatments

Lymphastim® treatment is a relaxing procedure that can be combined with the majority of treatments offered at Montrose. Many patients enjoy facial or facial combination treatments such as HydraFacial® or Eastern European Lifting for an ultra-relaxing session where Lymphastim can be offered simultaneously. 

Some patients enjoy the Lymphastim treatment following another treatment such as EMsculpt Neo® which tones muscle and targets fat simultaneously, EMtone® which targets ceullulite or CoolSculpting® which freeze fat. 

Lymphastim may be offered simultaneously or post procedure depending on body area for treatments such as Morpheus8® which tightens loose skin on the face or body. 

Who is this treatment unsuitable for?

The treatment is unsuitable for:

  • Patients who have open wounds or ulcers
  • Patients who have circulatory problems
  • Patients who have certain lymphatic conditions – if you have a lymphatic condition please advise your therapist during the consultation