Short Summary

Halo® is the worlds first hybrid fractional laser leaving patients with glowing, healthy skin. Delivering two unique wavelengths to the same microscopic treatment zone, Halo® provides exceptional improvements in the appearance of skin tone and texture.

Key Information

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From £1,500
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Up to 90 minutes
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4-7 days
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Face, Neck, Décolleté and Body
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From a single treatment

Additional Information

What are the benefits of HALO®?
  • Intelligent energy delivery
  • Precise and adjustable spot size 
  • Minimal discomfort due to thermal optimisation meaning power is automatically adjusted based on temperature of patient’s skin
  • Can treat fine lines/wrinkles, sun damage, scar revision, pigmented lesions and enlarged pores
  • Remarkable results achieved in1-2 treatments 
  • Can achieve the unique ‘HALO Glow’
  • Regular activity can be resumed within 24 hours of treatment
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Overall tone and texture improvement leaving you with a vibrant complexion
How does HALO® work?

HALO is a two in one laser treatment, offering two types of technology it has the unique ability to provide surface renewal while achieving deep dermal restoration at the same time. When these two wavelengths are combined, it gives patients corrective results without the downtime of traditional ablative lasers. 

The non ablative wavelength of 1470nm is used to focus on the deeper layers of the skin. It is able to pass through the upper layer of the skin and heat the underlying dermal tissue without creating any harm. Working from the inside, collagen growth is encouraged leading to tightening, firming and lifting of the skin, known as remodelling. The ablative wavelength of 2940nm is used to remove the layers of damaged and dead skin sitting on the surface. This wavelength is able to target sun damage, uneven tone and poor texture. 

What complementary treatments are available?

Pair with Sciton BBL, a combination of technologies providing the ultimate skin rejuvenation. This combination achieves smooth texture and even tone, reducing pigmentation and treating multiple skin concerns leaving radiant, clear and youthful skin. All Patients benefit from a comprehensive skincare regimen, tailored for their skin type and to tackle any history of sun and pollutant exposure. Our experienced Aestheticians can devise a bespoke regimen following a skin analysis using our Observ 520X which provides 10 different metrics for analysis of the current skin condition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the post treatment advice?
  • Avoid touching or massaging the treated areas for 48 hours
  • Do not apply Retinoids or Vitamin C for 14 days after the procedure
  • For the first 24-48 hours keep the area dry and clean, wash with lukewarm water and allow to air dry (avoid using towels)
  • Do not apply makeup in the treated area for 48 hours
  • Avoid saunas, hot baths and jacuzzis for 48 hours
  • Avoid exercise or sweat inducing activities for 48 hours 
  • Avoid sunlight for 48 hours 
  • As part of your skin health regimen, from 24 hours post procedure, avoid direct sunlight on the treated area, using a hat where possible and with broad spectrum physical SPF 50 and 5 star UVA protection such as the Forelle’d Hyalogy UV protector or ZO Sheer Fluid B-road Spectrum Sunscreen.
What are the risks?

Post treatment you will experience some swelling and erythema (redness), this should reduce after a couple days. Your skin may become dry leading to shedding of dead skin cells, this can last for around 4 days and it is important to not touch or pick at these areas while going through the healing process. 

What can I expect?

Prior to arrival at Montrose 

From 4 weeks prior to treatment avoid any aggressive treatments such as ablative laser or chemical peel.

From 2 weeks prior to treatment avoid abrasive treatments, including; laser, micro needling, prolonged or recent UV exposure, aggressive facials, irritant topical products (Acids, Retinol, Vitamin C or mechanical scrubs). 

One week prior to treatment you will need to come to Montrose to be patch tested, this will take 10 minutes.

If you are taking blood thinners, including NSAIDS such as Asprin or Ibuprofen, you should discuss with your doctor whether it is possible to discontinue their use throughout the course of your treatment. 

On arrival at Montrose 

Your Practitioner will remove any makeup and discuss any concerns and review your medical history, after which the treatment area will be photographed. Numbing cream or local anaesthetic will be applied for 45 minutes.

Halo® treatments are entirely bespoke and can range from light and superficial to deep and aggressive, your doctor will set the parameters based on the goals you have agreed with them. The treatment area will then be measured with motion tracking technology to ensure an even treatment. During the treatment you will feel heat in the areas treated. Once the treatment is completed, the sensation of heat will increase and you will likely develop erythema (local skin redness) and oedema (swelling) which can last a couple of days. The sensation of heat builds for thirty minutes to an hour after treatment before dissipating. After treatment micro-crusting will develop and typically small dots of skin will start shedding in 3 to 5 days post treatment. During this period of the healing process it is very important to keep your skin well hydrated using appropriate products for your skin. 


Depending on your treatment plan, results will typically be seen two weeks after the last treatment.

Who is this treatment unsuitable for?
  • Newly tanned skin/fake tan*
  • Patients who are pregnant
  • Patients who are breastfeeding 
  • Patients who suffer with frequent cold sores 
  • Patients who have taken Roaccutane (accutane) in the last 6 months 

*It is especially important to discuss recent sun exposure or use of fake tan with your practitioner as this may lead to burns