Short Summary

Lip fillers are a non-surgical solution to add volume, definition and support to the lips. A natural sugar-based hyaluronic acid gel is injected into the lip area to boost hydration and elasticity. Lip fillers provide immediate visible improvements to the lips by filling in lip lines and wrinkles and improving the appearance of dry or deflated lips.

Key Information

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From £350
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30 minutes
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Mild with appropriate numbing
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Every 6-9 months

Additional Information

What are the benefits of LIP FILLER?

Lip filler will give fuller lips with increased definition. The exact aims differ with age but include:

  • Enhance shape and structure
  • Restore volume
  • Smooth vertical lines
  • Improve symmetry
How does LIP FILLER work?

We use Hyaluronic Acid [“HA”] based dermal fillers for all lip filler procedures. HA is found in the skin of all animals, it acts both as a structural molecule and as a humectant, meaning it binds water molecules to keep our skin hydrated.  

HA dermal fillers are cross-linked into cohesive gels, so they hold their shape when injected into areas where we aim to replace lost volume. Strategic injection into areas of volume loss, naturally restores the contours of the lips in a subtle and gentle way. 

The body naturally breaks down HA and fillers are absorbed safely no lasting effects after 12-18 months.  

HA fillers are also fully reversible using Hyalase® – a naturally occurring enzyme.

What complementary treatments are available?

All patients benefit from a comprehensive skincare regimen, tailored for their skin type and their history of sun and pollutant exposure. Our experienced aestheticians can devise a bespoke regimen following skin analysis using our Observ 520X which provides 10 different metrics for analysis of current skin condition. 

Lip fillers can also be combined with Botox® either to address deep lines, increase the apparent size of the lip (lip-flip) to treat a “gummy-smile”. Laser treatments are very effective for long lasting management of fine or deep wrinkles around the lips (and indeed the rest of the face) but can involve more downtime. Morpheus 8 treatment can be used to tighten the skin around the mouth and the rest of the face using micro-needling and radio frequency for long last results. A surgical lip lift may be suitable for patients with an elongated upper lift, to increase lip show and restore a youthful appearance. 

All the above treatments can be undertaken at Montrose by our highly trained and experienced team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the post treatment advice?
  • Avoid touching or massaging the treated areas to prevent migration of the product
  • For the first 24 hours, keep face dry and clean, wash with lukewarm water, allow to air dry and apply a simple lip moisturiser
  • Do not apply makeup around the injected areas for 12 hours 
  • Avoid sunlight for 24 hours post procedure 
  • As part of your skin health regimen, from 24 hours post procedure avoid direct sunlight on the treated area, using a hat where possible, and with broad spectrum physical SPF 50 and 5 star UVA protection such as the Forlle’d Hyalogy UV protector or ZO Sheer Fluid Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. 
What are the risks?

Lip filler is generally considered low risk, however almost invariably results in swelling and bruising as the lip area has a number of blood vessels.

Rare complications include: 

  • Asymmetry
  • Allergy
  • Infection
  • Vessel occlusion 
  • Retinal artery occlusion 
  • Granuloma formation
What can I expect?

Prior to arrival at Montrose

If you suffer from cold sores, please inform your doctor, as you may need to take an anti-viral tablet prior to lip injections.

A week before treatment stop all use of irritant topical products (Acids, Retinol, Vitamin C or scrubs)

If you are taking blood thinners, or NSAIDs such as Asprin or Ibuprofen you should discuss with your physician whether it is possible to discontinue their use whilst you are treated with lip fillers®. 

On arrival at Montrose

On arrival at Montrose, our team will assist in the removal of any makeup. One of our plastic surgeons or dermatologists will review your medical history, discuss any of your concerns and answer any questions. Once you are happy to proceed with treatment, the treatment area will be photographed and your doctor will advise you of your facial dynamics and develop your treatment plan, specifically the aims for your treatment. 

Depending on the treatment plan, your physician may suggest injections of local anaesthetic to numb the lips or just some numbing cream. 

After the treatment, the lips will be quite pink and often swell.  If you’re prone to bruising, you may want to take some arnica or bromelain before and after treatment. 

If you have an important event coming up, you should schedule your treatment carefully, so you have an appropriate amount of time between the procedure and your event – at least one week. 


Results will be apparent as soon as the redness and bruising subsides, usually within a week. 

Who is this treatment unsuitable for?

The treatment is unsuitable for:

  • Patients who are pregnant
  • Patients who are breastfeeding